Festival Essentials


All participants need to "check-in" at the registration desk in downtown Point Reyes Station at the festival headquarters.  Participants should arrive 10-15 minutes before their scheduled event carpool or event start time (if event starting at Festival headquarters).


  1. Volunteers will need to verify your attendance.
  2. You will need to complete a liability waiver (one waiver for the entire festival).
  3. Volunteers will provide you with a name badge (grants you access to festival events, discounts at local shops, and allows for the field guides to learn your name).  Please wear your badge at all festival events.
  4. Pick up the Festival program, bird check-list, and directions to events.
  5. If you ordered merchandise online, you must stop by the retail desk (next to registration) to pick up your items.



david wimpfheimer

david wimpfheimer

Carpools: Parking at trailheads are often very limited and trails are difficult to find.  We offer the option for participants to tell us if they want to "carpool" from festival headquarters to the field event.  We are not able to coordinate the carpools, but we can assist with participants grouping together.  When registering, let us know if you want to carpool.  Carpools are not guaranteed, participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from events.

Directions and Trailheads: Printed directions and trailhead listings for field events are available at festival headquarters and are emailed to confirmed attendees the week of the festival.  We do not publish the trail-head information online.

Festival Headquarters: Location for registration, carpool meetups, vendors, festival retail and educational workshops.

Parking: Parking in downtown Point Reyes Station is somewhat limited. If you can walk from where you are staying to festival headquarters, it would be appreciated. Please leave open spaces near the festival headquarters for people who are planning on carpooling.

Paths and Trails: Please stay on the paths and trails to avoid damaging habitats. 




david wimpfheimer

david wimpfheimer

Clothing: Weather is highly variable at Point Reyes in the spring.  Passed years we have had rainy mornings and warm sunny afternoons.  Most often the wind picks up in the afternoon.  It is important to be prepared and wear lots of layers.  If rain is in the forecast, dress accordingly, field events will still take place. Wear a good hat and lots of sun block, especially on or near the water, where reflection is high.

Children: They are allowed on field trips, in lectures, and at evening events if they are 10 or older, if you have purchased a ticket to the event for them, and if they are accompanied by a guardian at all times.  The festival features several family and youth focused events each year. 

Food and Beverages: The festival does not bring in any food vendors or provide sack lunches for participants.  Participants should plan to bring sack lunches on field trips and bring bottled water to stay hydrated.  There are grocery stores in Point Reyes Station, Inverness and Marshall (visit our local info page for listing of local dining resources).  Important to note once you are within the Point Reyes National Seashore, there are not any stores.

Pets: Sorry, no pets allowed on field trips or at festival headquarters. If you have brought a pet, you can board her or him at the Point Reyes Animal Hospital (415) 663-1533, just across the bridge at the south end of Point Reyes, or Murphy Ranch (415) 669-1059 (They will tell you how to get there).  Do not leave your pet in your car.

Waste: Please use the proper receptacles to dispose of trash and recyclables.  Whenever possible, utilize reusable containers for food and drinks to reduce the impact on the environment.



david wimpheimer

david wimpheimer

Birdsong Audio: The use of audio or mechanical devices to playback bird vocalizations to attract birds are not allowed at the festival.  Use of these devices will stress and disrupt mating/nesting activities of wildlife.  Additionally, Federal Regulations prohibit use in National Parks and California Law prohibits broadcasting vocalizations of endangered species.

Birds First: When observing birds, pay attention to their posture and position.  If birds are alarmed, step back and allow the birds to relax.   Do not approach nests, roosts or display areas will cause birds to stay away which may result in hungry chicks or predators accessing the nest.  Please do not feed the birds.

Field Trip Etiquette: 1) When on field events, place your phone on airplane mode or turn off, 2) Do not wander away from the group, 3) Keep conversations at a low volume so participants may hear the guide and listen for birds, and 4) Avoid pointing cameras and optics at houses or people.

Reporting Inappropriate Behavior: The festival works to provide one of the best birding and nature festival experiences.  If you observe a fellow festival attendee acting in an unethical or inappropriate birding behavior, please report to your field guide or to festival headquarters.