A must attend event for birders and nature lovers alike! 

The Seashore is home to over 54% of North American avian species and nearly 18% of California’s plant species are found in the park due to the variety of habitat and uniqueness of the geology. Thirty-eight threatened and endangered species exist within the Seashore.
— Point Reyes National Seashore, NPS

Festival Fledged in 2010

The Environmental Action Committee of West Marin (EAC) launched the Point Reyes Birding & Nature Festival in 2010 to help foster awareness, appreciation and stewardship of the area, while also raising funds for our nonprofit mission to protect and sustain the unique lands, waters, and biodiversity of West Marin.  Learn more about our work.

Festival Overview

Held on the last weekend of April, our festival celebrates spring migration and West Marin's unique biodiversity through educational engagement opportunities.  We never need a reason to celebrate birds, but in 2018 and 2019 we’re making an especially big deal of them, because not only is it the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA)—a pivotal piece of legislation that continues to save countless birds’ lives—but birds are also facing many new and serious threats, including attacks on the MBTA itself. Plus in 2019, we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of this unique festival, which engages birders, artists, and nature lovers by providing quality birding and nature experiences and workshops.

Point Reyes National Seashore provides the backdrop for our festival, where the Pacific Flyway, Pacific Ocean, and other influences provide an ideal location for birding and wildlife viewing. In fact, the area was named the #1 birding hotspot in 2017 and 2018, where over 54% of all North American bird species have been recorded. 

Over the three day weekend over 360+ attendees choose from 50+ educational field outings and classroom-based events focused on birds, wildlife, plants and marine life + hiking, biking, kayaking, art and field photography, and led by some of the Bay Area’s award-winning naturalists and birders. The festival is able to feature unique events open to a variety of ages and experience levels. Top events include field hikes featuring highlighting birds, raptors, birding-by-ear, birding-by-habitat, wildflower and native grasses walks, and dragonflies experiences, marine mammal discoveries, tule elk excursions to the outer point, and wildlife photography. Additionally, the festival features Friday and Saturday evening programs with keynote speakers to for adults to meet, mingle, eat, drink and enjoy keynote presentations by top biologists and naturalists!

These events are geared to bring a broader awareness, appreciation and stewardship of the area to novice and expert birders/naturalists alike. Participants are primarily from Marin, Sonoma, and the greater Bay Area or California, but participants also come from the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon), Rocky Mountains (Colorado), the Southwest (New Mexico and Arizona), the Midwest (Illinois and Ohio), East Coast (New York), Hawaii, and even as far as Mexico, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands.

Join the EAC for Early-Bird Registration 

Protecting WILD WEST MARIN did not happen by accident. Our nonprofit staff and members are committed to the protection of the area's unique lands, waters and biodiversity.  Members of the EAC receive early-bird registration, a week prior to the general public.  For popular events, membership is a must, as tickets to popular events sell-out within a few hours.  In addition to early-bird registration, you will receive exclusive EAC member invitations to year-round birding and nature events.  Become a member or renew your support to get early-bird registration. Member benefits start at $35 per individual and $50 per household.  All membership contributions are 100% tax-deductible as EAC is a 501(c)3 non-profit.